Employee Profiles

Collecting, storing, and analyzing employees’ information is a big responsibility of any HR department, and many companies depend on HR managers to manage their employee information fast and precisely. Manual data management methods are close to extinction in the modern era, and a digital solution is key considering factors such as ease of access and higher levels of accuracy

With Tembo Pay, all your employee information lives in a solitary, protected database, with strong reporting tools and editing capabilities waiting for your commands. Managing workforce and its data has never been this simple.

Time Management

Apply different leave and attendance policies for different type of employees. You can assign a default 8:00 to 17:00 work schedule for office employees, use our roster to assign shifts or manually enter working hours.

Time is valuable! It’s time for HR professionals everywhere putting an end to punch cards, timesheets, and long days of calculating everybody’s hours manually. With Tembo Pay’s time and attendance management feature, your teams punch in and out right via mobile app or data can be imported from hardware devices such as fingerprint and proximity card devices. You can then correct their hours and track the time they’ve worked on specific days and places (tracked based on GPS location). Tembo Pay keeps everyone up to date with spontaneous reminders and notifications. No more missing entries, inaccurate payroll, and complaints.

Time Sheet Validation

Any delay in completing or validating a timesheet result in a delayed salary payment. One of the biggest challenges in reconciling workforce time attendance is correcting wrong information, which often occurs because of personnel entering their time incorrectly or forgetting to clock in and out entirely.

Tembo Pay’s time sheet validation feature gives you the ability to validate employee timesheet information, against custom rules that HR sets in the system. Tembo Pay automatically identifies incorrect timesheets, then highlights to employees and administrators for on-time corrections, thus helping the organization minimizing inaccurate payrolls.


By the time you’ve triple-checked your payroll numbers, it can still feel like you have missed something important. Did you forget someone’s new allowance this month? And no matter what, there’s still that feeling of anxiety right after you hit submit to the bank portal. But stress is just something you must deal with when it comes to payroll, right? Wrong. Tembo Pay simplifies and accelerates the way you do payroll. You don’t have to worry about compliancy, we take care of that for you. Tembo Pay is fully compliant to local tax and labor laws. At the push of a button, you can generate your bank transfer file, important tax and statutory reports and distribute employee pay slips. With Tembo Pay, you can pay your people confidently. We save valuable time of the business, and preserve your sanity, all at once.


It is stipulated in the labor law that companies are responsible for providing employees with monthly pay slips. With Tembo Pay you can distribute traditional printed pay slips but also digital pay slips via email or mobile app. Savings in admin time, print machinery and paper costs aside, digital pays lips are better for the growing trend of increased amounts of remote workers to receive salary statements, via any device. Our pays lips will also display the currency exchange rates if your company pays employees in multiple currencies at the same time.

Leave Management

An efficient leave management process is what boosts overall company productivity. People take leaves for a variety of reasons and sometimes unexpected. Tembo Pay will help you and your employees to ease the stress of taking leave. Staffs can request leave themselves anytime, and their managers are well informed when it happens. Leave types also affect your company’s payroll accuracy, Tembo Pay simplifies that by matching leave management data with the payroll calculation to give you and your staffs’ perfect and fair pay every month.

Expenses Claim

Stacking taxi, lunch, office supplies receipts still in carton boxes? Ok, we will sort them out for you with our employee expense claim management tool. Employees can claim their working expenses and upload receipts within seconds. As an administrator you can approve or refuse them with just a click. Approval authority can be granted to any administrator within your company. No need to pay for another separate software to maintain expense records - everything can be done directly from Tembo Pay.

Personal Income Tax (PIT) Finalization

Every individual with income needs to pay PIT to the government. Once a year, companies are rushing to finalize taxes for employees. With Tembo Pay’s tax finalization feature, you can save a lot of time on this process since Tembo Pay will automatically calculate the exact amount of tax refunds for everyone and produces the regulatory reports for submission to the government.

Service Charge Calculation

To better serve restaurants, hotels and traveling companies, we have equipped Tembo Pay with a service charge calculation feature. Paying service fees to employees accurately helps to improve the working morale of workforces in the service and tourism industries. The calculation can be defined per department and the administrator indicates whether the service charge payment is paid into the payroll of that month or paid outside of our software.

Accounting Software Integration

Accounting mistakes can lead to poor business decisions and tax issues. By integrating your accounting software with Tembo Pay, you can make sure your books are well-organized and accurate. You can manually map pay items and tax amounts to the right records in your accounting system or more conveniently Tembo Pay can also sync your payroll expenses automatically to popular accounting software platforms like Xero, VHP and Financio. We plan to expand our integration partner list as we grow.

Company Bank Transfer File

Paying and transferring salaries via banks need to be firm and precise at the same time, that is why Tembo Pay has connected with many banks to make exporting and importing salary transfer files safer and faster. You simply select the bank you are using from the list. Tembo Pay will extract the file according to the standards and regulations of that bank in no time. It’s time to improve your banking security practices with us.

Multiple Currencies

Globalization is an interesting frontier for many corporations and SMEs in Southeast Asia. Tembo Pay supports multi-currency payroll processing for all your employees! This feature will come in handy for companies who have employees that wish to be paid out in different currencies. In a nutshell, the company can have as many currencies as needed, payroll results in reports and pays lips will be shown in all the currencies you have set. Exchange rates can be updated periodically also.

Employee Appraisal / Review

Companies use performance appraisals to give employees big-picture feedback on their work and to justify pay increases and bonuses, as well as termination decisions. Old fashioned appraisal methods are no longer suitable for the modern work environments. Your organization’s performance appraisals can be designed effectively with Tembo Pay. Support employees and develop their career with honest feedbacks from their managers.