Employee Profiles

Allows you to store, manage and edit all employee information quickly and easily. It will help you to organize salary, contract, dependency and much more information in no time.

Time Management

Apply different leave policies for different type of employees. You can assign a default 9:00 to 17:00 work schedule for office employees, use our roster to assign shifts or manually enter working hours.


That is why you are here, right?

With Tembo Pay you can run payroll quickly and accurately. You don’t have to worry about compliancy, we take care of that for you. At the push of a button, you can generate your bank transfer file, important tax and insurance reports and distribute employee payslips.

Leave Management

Need to capture and manage employee absence? Well, we’ve got you covered. You can assign leave types on behalf of staff, or even better, employees can request for leave themselves. Naturally with approval from their line manager.

Expenses Claim

Stacking taxi and lunch receipts in carton boxes? Ok, we will sort them out for you with our employee expense claim management tool. Employees can claim their working expenses and upload receipts within seconds.

Personal Income Tax Finalization (PIT Finalization)

Every individual with income needs to pay PIT to the government. Once a year, companies must rush to finalize taxes for employees. The final settlement will then be paid in advance by the company to the employee's salary. With the Tax Finalization feature of Tembo Pay, from now on, the C&B and Accounting departments will save a lot of time. The system fully automatically calculates the exact amount of tax refund for everyone, then the amount will be refunded or paid additionally to their salary. Thereby helping to speed up the process of receiving tax refunds for the company's employees.


Receiving pays lips is clearly stipulated in the Labor Law, so it has become an important responsibility for the company to provide employees with monthly payslips. Printing and receiving paper pay lips is also well supported by Tembo Pay, but with the digital age and young workforce, receiving pays lips via email or via App has become an important and practical trend.

Service Charge calculation

To better serve restaurants - hotels – traveling companies, we have launched the Service Charge Calculation features for employees. Paying service fees (Tips) to employees quickly and accurately helps to improve the working morale of employees in service and tourism industries. The additional payment will be paid into the salary of an optional or the recent month, and legally taxed and recorded.

Accounting Software Integration

Payroll accounting plays an important role in ensuring the benefits of money and benefits for employees - calculating correctly and fully, paying enough wages and allowances, allowances, and bonuses to employees according to regulations - helping them to feel secure. focus on work - minimize conflicts arising from disagreements or disputes related to money - help businesses stabilize production - manage human resources more effectively and conveniently. From the above reasons, Tembo Pay has supported integration – connecting with accounting software such as Xero and Financio.

Company Bank Transfer file

Paying salary via bank needs to be fast and accurate, that is why Tembo Pay has linked with many banks to make exporting and importing salary transfer files safer, more accurate and faster. You can choose the bank you are using (see the support list); the system will output the file according to the standards and regulations of that bank for you in no time.